9 Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands We'll Be Wearing All 2021

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Over the past year, we've all come to understand and appreciate the importance of cozy, comfortable clothes, especially when most of our days consist of Zoom calls, multiple cups of coffee, and a few leisure walks around the corner. Now more than ever, brands are making it a point to produce clothing that not only speaks to our daily activities, but also to the fact that no one's interested in binary concepts that dictate what certain genders can or should wear. Thankfully, as we continue working together to tear down these divisive and antiquated social constructs, brands are stepping up to the plate and forming their entire concept around inclusivity. We've rounded up nine of our favorite labels — many of which are also sustainable — that give off chic loungewear vibes, but more importantly, remind us that these pieces do, in fact, belong in everyone's wardrobe.

Human Nation

Prince Range: $42-$78

Why You'll Love It: Cofounded by Russell and Ciara Wilson, Human Nation prioritizes racial and size inclusivity, donates 3 percent of every purchase to the Why Not You Foundation, and focuses on sustainability by using 100-percent recycled cotton and organic polyester to "lighten up the load on the planet" — and we're always here for that.


Price Range: $25-$450

Why You'll Love It: 69 is an all-inclusive, mostly-denim lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles. Its designs are cool and funky, and are made in the present but meant for the future.


Price Range: $45-$1,000

Why You'll Love It: Currently a cult favorite, Pangaia is a materials science company on a mission to save the environment one tracksuit at a time by using materials from plants grown without the use of harmful and toxic pesticides. With an array of every color imaginable, it's no wonder that everyone is obsessed — including us!


Price Range: $28-$128

Why You'll Love It: Launched in 2013, Wildfang is a female-founded, women-run company set out to create a home for badass women everywhere. They launched with the belief that "A woman has the right to wear whatever the hell she wants and be whoever the hell she wants," and we couldn't agree more.

The Phluid Project

Price Range: $10-$65

Why You'll Love It: The Phluid Project has one goal and one goal only: to highlight and feature queer-, trans-, and women-owned brands and businesses within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Spirit Jersey

Price Range: $64-$228

Why You'll Love It: Probably one of the coolest brands to ever partner with Disney and Warner Brothers, Spirit Jersey stocks a collection of tracksuits, hoodies, and sports-inspired apparel for anyone aching for a little West Coast style in their life.

Mate the Label

Price Range: $15-$188
Why You'll Love It: Sustainably made in Los Angeles, Mate the Label is a clean essentials brand that prides itself on not only making some of the chicest tonal loungewear, but also doing so using nontoxic, natural, and organic materials. Pair one of these sets with your favorite socks and slippers, and you've got yourself an ultrachic WFH look.

Big Bud Press

Price Range: $12-$172
Why You'll Love It: Big Bud Press is a fun and kitschy fast-growing Los Angeles-based clothing label specializing in unisex, everyday goods. Every garment is handmade, hand-dyed, and created using 100-percent cotton or a mix of recycled acrylic yarns. Get into it.


Price Range: $28-$245
Why You'll Love It: Whether you know Tkees for its sleek, minimal sandals or by way of its perfectly curated Instagram page, the brand was created for those who truly love and appreciate a simple but elegant life. What started out as pair of leather flip-flops has quickly blossomed into an entire lifestyle brand.