Prepare to Fall in Love With These 6 Scandinavian Fashion Brands in 2021

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There's a reason Scandinavian fashion brands have been getting a lot of love from fashion girls over the past few years. With standout brands like Ganni, Stine Goya, and Rotate Birger Christensen, it's hard not to be swept away by the chic wardrobes seen on all of our favorite style influencers. While brands like Cecilie Bahnsen and Saks Potts have been runway successes — thanks in part to Cecilie's ultraromantic puff-sleeve dresses and Saks Potts's fuzzy-trimmed coats — there are also plenty of new designers making their way into our world, and we're here for it.

If you're wondering what some of the best up-and-coming Scandinavian brands are for the new year, we've got you covered. Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite new brands that are injecting personality into our wardrobes. From House of Dagmar to Studio Onyva, keep reading to learn more about these six designers you're going to see everywhere in 2021. We've even included some of our favorite pieces for you to shop as well!



Fun fact: the Copenhagen-based label was founded in 2014 by Camilla Hosbjerg, who was actually a former professional badminton player! The designer is known for using bold prints and colors.


House of Dagmar

House of Dagmar is a sustainable Swedish fashion brand founded in 2005 by three sisters, Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder, and Sofia Wallenstam. The label is named after their late grandmother Dagmar, who was a tailor. The brand is known for its knitwear pieces.


Sabina Sommer

Sabina Sommer is a Copenhagen-based designer, and each item is created and handcrafted in a small atelier. Her eponymous line is known for puffy sleeves and oversize dresses.


Studio Onyva

Studio Onyva was started by Emma Krab, and the brand is known for its bright colors, bold patterns, and retro silhouettes. Each item is sewn by a small team in Copenhagen.



Gestuz was founded in 2008 by Sanne Sehested. The brand was inspired by her own wardrobe and is known for its modern, tailored pieces.



Weekday is a Swedish brand founded in 2002 and influenced by youth culture and streetwear. The brand features men's and women's pieces and even showcases a small selection from external brands.