Holy Heart of the Ocean, Celine Dion Is Wearing the Blue Diamond Necklace From Titanic

Celine Dion has been putting on quite the show for us with her outfits at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, but I wasn't even prepared for the finale. Celine stepped out from Hôtel de Crillon in a hilarious tee, that may at first catch your eye. It read "I Heart Paris," with the word "Hilton" scribbled underneath. So OK, I started LOLing.

But then I zoomed in on her top and my jaw just dropped. If you recall, Celine Dion sang "My Heart Will Go On" from the 1997 movie Titanic, and there she was, standing in the streets of France, wearing the Heart of the Ocean blue diamond necklace from the film. Is it an imitation piece or the actual jewelry that was used on set? I don't know, but I'm not sure that it matters. This subtle fashion move means everything to me, and, I'm so, so sorry to throw this overused, extremely exaggerated phrase out here right now, but I. Am. Dead.

Celine continued to pull out all the stops with the latest trends, completing her outfit with a nylon sport skirt, a Vetements blazer, Balenciaga chain-strap purse, and pointed-toe leather pumps. I get that, when you're a celebrity, it's easy to impress in designer duds, but my favorite thing about Celine is that she douses her high-end looks with humor, and I just can't get enough. Read on to catch an all angles view of this incredible moment.

Celine Dion at Paris Haute Couture Week

Celine Dion at Paris Haute Couture Week