Keep Your Puffer Coat Look On Point All Season With These $98 Styles

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For me, coat outfits go one of two ways: when I've put thought into my look (even if it's the tiniest effort), and "survival" mode when I care zilch about what I'm wearing and just need a warm layer to brave the elements (these moments include walking my dog, running errands, and heading to a workout). When it comes to the latter, I default to a black puffer coat every time. And yes, I have several: two midweight versions (one with a hood, one without), a cropped number (this one's particularly pillow-y), two knee-length styles (one has a waist-cinching belt, while the other is straight and loose — my pick on days when the food baby is real), and an ankle-grazing maxi coat (this one's the big boy; a snowpocalypse-proof piece of outerwear that's more or less a glorified down comforter with pockets and a zipper).

Despite being quite the black puffer coat enthusiast, I'm totally into the playful versions that have made their way into the spotlight in recent seasons. Have I rocked a floral-print or pastel puffer? Not yet. Am I going to? Oh yeah! And I'm doing it on a budget thanks to these supercute puffers from the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl's, all of which are $98. That's less than $100. For a puffer coat. Correction: a supercute puffer coat.

From the prettiest shade of pink to black-and-white plaid and a black floral print that's edgy-sweet (my ideal foray into the world of printed puffers), these affordable puffers are the "but make it fashion" answer to the basic lineup hanging in my closet. There's even a quilted denim style for chilly but not-too-cold weather that I'm all about trying with casual pants, skirts, and printed dresses.

If you're trying to break your black puffer streak or already on board with bold styles, ahead, shop the cutest $98 puffers from the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl's. Then, to keep your puffer looks on point all season, scroll on for tons of outfits you can easily re-create with these affordable finds.

Scroll Through For Tons of Puffer Coat Outfit Ideas!
Getty | Daniel Zuchnik

Scroll Through For Tons of Puffer Coat Outfit Ideas!