The Emily Ratajkowski Swimsuit You Should Copy Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Emily Ratajkowski has worn just about every swimsuit in the book. Mix-and-match bikinis, sultry maillots, halter style one-pieces with cheeky backs — you name it, she's tried it, then shared it on social media. That's what we love about the supermodel-turned-actress and activist: she's not afraid to experiment with colors and silhouettes, providing us with brand new beachwear inspiration on the regular. In fact, we discovered that Emily's got a poolside ensemble for every mood. That led us to pair each one with a specific zodiac sign, and just like that, your Emily Ratajkowski swim horoscope awaits. Scroll to see what's written in the stars, then shop away.


You're playful and beyond energetic, and for that you need a functional swimsuit that shows a slip of skin too (and keeps things in tight). You belong in Emily Ratajkowski's Baywatch-inspired Solid + Striped Willow suit, equipped with a plunging neckline.


You love a delicate, feminine touch on anything you wear, including a bikini. Light reds and pinks are right up your alley, and you prefer the look of texture. That's why you belong in Emily's Zimmermann two-piece, which she wore in Italy.


You love versatile looks, and that extends to your swim drawer. Green is your power color, so you should invest in a two-piece that can be interchanged with other separates, aiming for an olive hue. Emily's design of choice paired perfectly with gold jewelry.


You love a neutral-colored look with a slight sheen, and Emily's Myra Swim one-piece is as natural as can be. It's got a cheeky back, but that's nothing you can't pull off.


You are always the boldest and brightest girl on the beach. Whether that means opting for a suit in an electric shade or finding a standout silhouette like Emily's high-leg bandeau design, you're game to try anything — as long as it will get you head turns.


When it comes to swimwear, you prefer classic cuts that aren't too daring. Take Emily's gray Amaiò Coachella bikini, for example. It's sexy, but sophisticated, and slightly subdued thanks to a neutral shade.



While vacationing in Italy, Emily flaunted a set of new suits that showed off her girlie side, this powder blue off-the-shoulder silhouette included. Blue is a Libra's power color, and it also just feels right when you're anywhere near a body of water. Don't worry about the tan lines — apply sunscreen evenly, and try out something with sleeves.


You have a bold personality, and you're always attracted to staples in either red or black. But for you, it's all about showing off your sensuality with a ruffle finish or bold statement accessories. Take Emily's Hunza G x Pandora Sykes suit for a spin.


You are adventurous, and that calls for staples that last you a lifetime. You go for a swimsuit you can bring on any destination vacation, no matter the season. Since purple's your shade of choice, you'd get plenty of wear out of Emily's Tori Praver one-piece.


You are nothing if not sophisticated. You're a power woman — a go-getter at work and a confident woman on the beach. As long as it comes in a monochrome shade and flatters your body from every angle, you don't mind a swimsuit that's a touch revealing. Emily's maillot happens to show side boob, and that's something you'd be willing to try.


Your swim drawer is likely already filled with turquoise and teal designs. That's OK — it's a no-brainer shade for beach or poolside snaps as it makes the water behind you look that much more appealing. Why not opt for an interesting silhouette, like Emily's Velvet Sphynx look?


You love a good print, especially one that incorporates varying shades of blue and green. You should invest in a quality suit that will always make a statement and stay timeless year after year. Emily Ratajkowski's Dolce & Gabbana "diaper" suit is the perfect option.