28 Engagement Ring Designers to Follow If You're Already Imagining Your Ring

Some brides love to be surprised by their SO's approach to designing an engagement ring. But if you're a fashion girl in 2020, you probably have an eye for style. You know what's out there, you're well-versed in the latest trends, and you have friends with plenty of advice for securing that very special piece of jewelry.

Personally, I was one of the women DMing my future husband ideas every chance I got. (I probably blinded him with all that sparkle, because at this point in time he's deleted the Instagram app off his phone entirely — whoops!) That said, I didn't just suddenly know what I was looking for. When it came to engagement ring inspiration, for me at least, it took some scrolling. I followed countless jewelers, designers, influencers, and editors if I admired their style, and at various points in time I spotted stones that I loved. Thank goodness for Instagram's "Collection" folder, which is the perfect place to save the cuts you're a fan of.

Even if you have no idea what you're looking for yet, you can probably figure out pretty quickly whether you're of the classic camp or you want something on the unique end of the spectrum. If you pull up any of the accounts here, you'll be able to define your vibe in good time and come up with something truly brilliant for that ring finger, I promise.


Trumpet & Horn

Based in: LA
Follow if you like: Being environmentally friendly! Plus jewelry with unique shapes and add-on diamonds and gemstones.


Abhika Jewels

Based in: Delhi, India
Follow if you like: the idea of customizing your own stack and working with a brand to come up with pieces that define your loved one, sourced with your finances in mind.


Stephanie Gottlieb

Based in: NYC
Follow if you like: Seeing a jeweler's own personal style (which involves coordinating lots of jewelry with swimsuits) and you're attracted to ginormous stones.


Après Jewelry

Based in: LA
Follow if you like: Gorgeous pieces that are affordable because you're a bride-to-be on a budget.


Jennie Kwon Fine Jewelry

Based in: LA
Follow if you like: Handcrafted jewelry with a very delicate look and small, easy-to-stack pieces.


Marrow Fine by Jillian Sassone

Based in: Del Mar Heights, California
Follow if you like: Chunky, colorful jewelry that looks like it could be an heirloom passed down from ancestors.


Alexis Russell

Based in: Buffalo, NY
Follow if you like: Geometric jewels with an edge, all of which have the bonus of being ethically sourced.


Ring Concierge

Based in: NYC
Follow if you like: Classic diamond shapes in luxury status sizes.


Susie Saltzman

Based in: NYC
Follow if you like: Perfect pairings, and you're already envisioning your wedding band.


Trabert Goldsmiths

Based in: Pacific Heights in San Francisco
Follow if you like: A ring that's more about the stone than the simple gold band.



Based in: Australia
Follow if you like: Modern pieces bursting with color that are architecturally appealing.



Based in: LA
Follow if you like: To make sure the brands you wear are sustainable and made with ethical practices in mind. These rings are simple, but you'll feel proud to wear 'em.



Based in: Chicago
Follow if you like: Shopping for a cause. These one-of-a-kind rings are handmade, and all metals used are 100 percent recyclable.


Digby & Iona Jewelry

Based in: NYC
Follow if you like: Jewelry with a rich background. All of these incredible stones have a historical tie-in and reflect moments in time.


Eva Fehren

Based in: NYC
Follow if you like: Shapely jewelry in cutting-edge silhouettes. Eva Fehren is a popular red carpet brand amongst celebrities, to give you a better idea of the statement you can make.


The Clear Cut

Based in: NYC
Follow if you like: High quality diamonds at fair prices and expert opinions to help you craft your own unique design.


Sarah O. Jewelry

Based in: Denver, CO
Follow if you like: Girlie, feminine rings with rose gold details — pretty enough to pin!


Ken & Dana Design

Based in: NYC
Follow if you like: Jewelry that's not just about the center stone, but the entire piece and special, swoon-worthy details on the band.


Jessica McCormack

Based in: Mayfair, London
Follow if you like: Big, unique gemstones that can almost be mistaken for cocktail rings.


Natalie Marie Jewellery

Based in: Sydney, Australia
Follow if you like: A wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and you're not sure exactly what you want just yet.



Based in: Brooklyn, NY
Follow if you like: Cluster-like rings with stones that have interesting history and are inspired by magical places.


J. Birnbach

Based in: NYC
Follow if you like: Fancy and classic diamond sparklers. You want to make your friends gush, "Did you see that rock?!"


Sethi Couture

Based in: San Francisco
Follow if you like: Bands more than big stones. Or, in the chance that you're designing a wedding band, there will be loads of ideas for you here.


Nikos Koulis

Based in: Athens, Greece
Follow if you like: Sculptural pieces that make you think and are extraordinary enough to be studied for hours. Nikos Koulis is another popular brand amongst celebrities, so you've probably already spotted some of the designer's striking earrings on the red carpet.


Anna Sheffield Fine Jewelry

Based in: NYC
Follow if you like: Ornate jewels that look like they have royal heritage.



Based in: California
Follow if you like: Imagining your fancy, classic diamond ring's journey from the box to your left finger.