Old Navy and Tory Burch Encourage PTO For Employee Poll Workers: "Democracy Requires Participation"

On National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, both Old Navy and Tory Burch pledged as companies to pay US employees to work the polls on Election Day. The PTO day comes as this election year is extremely crucial and turnout is dependent upon polling sites operating safely and efficiently during COVID-19. Due to a shortage of poll workers who feel comfortable enough to perform the duty, it's imperative that we recruit as many as possible to help. Both Old Navy and Tory Burch announced their mission proudly on Instagram, and Old Navy has teamed up with Civic Alliance and Power the Polls to help achieve the nation's goal of enlisting 250,000 new people to keep our democracy running smoothly.

"We are constantly inspired by our store teams, with their passion for community work and fostering a sense of belonging both in and outside of our store walls. Every voice in this country matters and deserves to be heard at the polls, and if we at Old Navy can be even a small part of making that process more accessible to the communities we call home, we are on board," Nancy Green, head of Old Navy, stated in the brand's press release.

Meanwhile, Tory Burch confirmed the news on both Twitter and Instagram, also committing to closing all US retail stores at 3 p.m. on Election Day in order to encourage both employees and customers to head to the polls. "Democracy requires participation and we want to make sure we can each play our role," Burch wrote.

Scroll through to check out both posts, and watch this space, as we're hoping to see more fashion brands follow suit.

Old Navy's Commitment to Pay Employee Poll Workers

Tory Burch's Commitment to Pay Employee Poll Workers