Plant-Based Fashion Is a Vibe — 26 Ways to Wear Your Produce on Your Sleeve

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Why are fruits and veggies popping up all over pieces from some of your favorite brands? It could be because accessories and hand-painted prints modeled after colorful produce is actually pretty cute, lending your outfit a quirky touch in the summer. But we have a feeling that this season, there's more to the story.

The fashion world has taken a turn toward sustainability in 2021 — last year left us reflecting on how we shop, where we shop, and why — and consumers are more concerned than ever about selecting brands that keep the environment in mind. So wearing fruits and vegetables, especially from ethical clothing companies, is certainly an homage to our mindfulness. That's why we were sure to curate this roundup from sites that are upfront about production processes and where materials are sourced.

While there's adorable apparel here that will help you tap into the spirit du jour based on plant based pattern alone, we want you to feel great about your purchase. That's why we browsed as many good-willing labels as possible while scouring the internet for our (stylish) greens. Scroll for some #OOTD inspiration, then see what's in our basket from the likes of OOKIOH, which crafts swimwear from ocean waste, abacaxi, which is named after the Portuguese word for pineapple, and vintage sites like Rebag, that help us to recycle luxury designer items.