#TBT: These 1970s Men’s Fashion Adverts Cannot Be Unseen

It's no surprise that retro fashion ads usually look outdated, but these recently discovered men's fashion advertisements are downright ridiculous. If you're in the mood for some throwbacks — and a good laugh — check out these hilarious ads from the '70s in this post originally featured on Flashbak.

Men's fashion is the gift that keeps on giving. Until armor becomes ubiquitous, men will continue to struggle.

As the great Yeoman says on these pages, "Before launching into the typical 'Oh, aren't those Seventies fashions so terrible' spiel, let's get one thing out of the way: '70s fashions are an easy target because they took chances." And drugs. In a man-sized onesie. And, like wife-swappers in a Hollywood whirlpool, these men moved on quickly. Had these style seekers not grasped adventure by the balls and squeezed it into Mick Jagger's bucket 'n' spade we'd all still be wearing denim leisure suits. And that can't help anyone.

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