Gabrielle Union Takes High-Waisted Pants to a Whole New Level

The amount of rise in a pant is extremely serious business. At a time in which Gen Z keeps threatening to make low-rise trendy again, I have been clutching my jeans to my navel for dear life. Thankfully, celebrities like Gabrielle Union have stepped out in outfits that show the high-waisted look isn't going anywhere . . . no matter what the Y2K movement may have you believe.

Ahead of the Met Gala, Union was spotted in the Upper East Side, rocking some incredible plaid pants with zipper details and — most importantly — a waistband that went all the way up to her rib cage. On top, she wore a simple periwinkle bralette, aviators, and a brown leather duster that accented the color palette of her pants perfectly. She completed the look with light-brown platforms and a slick ponytail, looking effortlessly cool and ready to take on the streets of NYC.

Union posted a photo of the full outfit on Instagram, along with another picture of her in an oversize suit, with the caption, "Pressure Suits Me." A huge win for everyone who gets visibly uncomfortable if their pants aren't covering their belly button. Although we can't deny the iconic nature of low-rise pants, fashion choices like Union's are proof that there are plenty of ways to look trendy and chic without having to bare your literal hip bones. Check out the photos ahead for all the details of Union's very high-waisted pants.