Haley Lu Richardson's Sheer Leopard-Print Turtleneck Is Fierce, Fun, and Cheetah-licious

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Listen up, Cheetah Girls and Cheetah Sisters, because Haley Lu Richardson's outfit might have just earned her a spot in the band. In a post shared to her Instagram account on Tuesday, Haley showed off her fierce Fall style in a sheer leopard-print turtleneck layered over a black bra, paired with black high-waisted jeans, matching boots, and a western-style belt that tied the whole look together.

"Me last week vs me seconds before posting this," Haley captioned the post, which featured a photo of the Five Feet Apart star in the classic "I was laying down and accidentally turned my phone camera around" position. If you're looking to re-create Haley's outfit, we found a few similar options, including the actual AFRM leopard top she's wearing in the photos, with thumbhole details for extra coziness. Shop comparable (and affordable) shirt styles that feature one of the year's trendiest prints ahead.