HoYeon's Louis Vuitton Lampshade Dress Is a Nod to 18th-Century Style

HoYeon gave us a lesson in fashion history on Sunday when she walked the red carpet at the Critics' Choice Awards in a Louis Vuitton dress that paid a striking tribute to 18th-century style. HoYeon's dress draped straight down her torso before extending at right angles on either side of her hips thanks to the pannier, or side hoops, hidden under her skirt. Typically worn by European noblewomen in the 1700s, the pannier created a dramatic silhouette that demanded a second look.

The gown is one of many ornate outfits in Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2022 collection, and of course, HoYeon is an ambassador to the fashion house.

A closer inspection also reveals a red braided robe around HoYeon's left arm, a subtle, but unique detail that adds even more interest.

The "Squid Game" star styled the outfit with Louis Vuitton jewelry, a metallic manicure and pedicure, and strappy black sandals. Take a look at her lampshade dress from all angles here.