HyunA and Dawn's Multistone Engagement Rings Are One of a Kind

If anyone has the power to dethrone classic diamonds as the go-to for engagement rings, it's HyunA and Dawn. The K-pop stars announced their engagement on Feb. 3 by sharing close-ups of their matching rings on Instagram, and they're unlike any piece of jewelry we've laid eyes on. Both rings most prominently feature a large oval-shaped opal stone in the center, and each white-gold band is also covered in seven diamonds of varying shapes in pink, green, and silver hues. They were tucked away in pink and blue shell-shaped boxes when Dawn popped the question.

To bring the unconventional rings to life, Dawn turned to Seoul-based jewelry shop Diligems, which churns out unique rings, necklaces, and earrings. Diligems owner Yueun Esther Shin offered some insight into the design process on Instagram, writing, "I had the honor of designing an exciting pair of rings for the dreamiest of couples. I would like to point out that they were customized for the couple ONLY and will never be duplicated." She added, "Dawn came to my studio to discuss the design for over a month and even chose the opals and diamonds himself." Although she didn't indicate the exact price, the jeweler hinted that the cost covered her entire year's rent, so we can only image how hefty that bill must've been.

If their engagement rings are any indication, we're sure HyunA and Dawn's wedding-day outfits will be out-of-this-world cool when they tie the knot. Read ahead to zoom in on every quirky detail of their coordinating bling, and then refresh your memory on their relationship timeline.