Jared Leto Actually Has No Idea Where His Met Gala Head Ended Up, So Enjoy Your Nightmares

Happy Halloween! In the name of spooky shenanigans, I'd like to direct your attention to the creepy severed head Jared Leto brought with him to the Met Gala on May 6. Not because the stunt was actually pretty iconic when you really think about it, but because it appears that the prop has gone missing since its time on the red carpet — so in the event that this thing rolls on past you like a tumbleweed on your commute home, you might want to pay extraspecial attention to your surroundings today.

On the night of the Met Gala, which took on a campy, over-the-top theme this year, the actor and Thirty Seconds to Mars musician wore a red, rhinestone-adorned Gucci robe that he accessorized with a replica of his own head. The move was a nod to a previous Gucci runway show that featured a handful of models carrying their own severed heads down the runway. The look was pretty (dare I say) head-turning, to say the least, though when he was asked about the head in a recent interview with GQ, Jared revealed that he actually can't find it.

"Honestly, I have no idea. I think someone may have stolen it," he said. "If anyone out there finds it, bring it into your nearest Gucci store in exchange for a pair of dirty sneakers." You heard the man. Check your belongings and contact the authorities, because there's clearly a thief on the loose. Here's hoping that the prop doesn't just casually turn up on the streets of NYC when you're alone at night.