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Watch Kim Kardashian Break Down Her Iconic Looks For Vogue

Kim Kardashian Cringes Over Her "Worst Look" of All Time: "I Just Wanted My Picture Taken"

Kim Kardashian is catching up on her most iconic looks from the past decade and beyond. The reality star and businesswoman recently sat down with Vogue to talk about her style evolution since 2006. Kim left no detail out as she discussed what's really in Paris Hilton's bags, Kanye West's fashion influence, and her least favorite look of all time.

In the video, Kim reveals she and Paris Hilton almost revived a set of matching mid-2000s outfits for Halloween this year. That's so hot! Unfortunately, it didn't come together in time — but maybe in 2020? Although she remembers that look fondly, she is less than thrilled about a belted sweater dress outfit she wore in 2006. Calling it her "worst look of life," Kim explains that she was so excited to wear her Fendi boots and matching belt to an event. "I just wanted my picture taken," she says. "That's all that mattered to me."

Watch the full video above to see Kim break down her standout style moments, from when she left her first Met Gala in tears to the time she inspired the bike shorts movement. Her fashion has changed so much!

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