Kylie Jenner Masters the Visible-Thong Trend in Extreme-Low-Rise Pants

Kylie Jenner is partaking in the early-aughts trend that has been slowly taking over street style and social media alike: the visible thong. Posting a mirror selfie on Instagram on Friday, Jenner not only shows off her totally backless top, but also a thong that you can see peeking out from underneath her ultra-low-rise red silk pants.

The image, shot over her shoulder into a mirror, was not only posted to her Instagram stories ahead of the weekend, but also included in a photo dump that went up on Sunday. The carousel featured her thong-baring look as well as a nude shower shot, a Catwoman-style black bustier, and a totally see-through sequin mini dress. In all, Jenner is looking totally natural with barely-there makeup looks and hair flying free.

The reality star's backless top and pants are designed by Tom Ford for Gucci, the top as part of the brand's 1999 collection and the pants from 2001. The top was plucked from Opulent Addict, an online vintage store.

The visible thong trend is everywhere, embraced the likes of Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez, and more.

While Jenner is just now trying the low-rise pants and visible thong trends, the thong bikini look is one that she knows well. In fact, she posted pics of a metallic thongkini while in Turks in Caicos just one day prior. And a few days before that, she opted for the same thong look while on the beach, though this time in all-black.

Ahead, check out her latest trendy look.

Kylie Jenner Poses In Visible Thong On Instagram

Kylie Jenner Poses In Visible Thong On Instagram

Kylie Jenner shows off a visible thong, wearing a Tom Ford for Gucci vintage backless top and low-rise pants on Instagram.