Lazy Oaf's Daria Collection Is the Best New Thing in This "Sick, Sad World"

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Lazy Oaf just released a Daria-inspired collection, and, to quote the misanthropic character, "I'm overcome with emotion." The range of apparel, outerwear, and accessories is a nostalgic nod to the animated MTV series, which first premiered over two decades ago. While there's a lot to love about this collection, our favorite might be Lazy Oaf's replication of Quinn's pink shirt, as well as the green cardigan featuring Daria's face in place of a logo.

The collection might also offer a quick solution for a last-minute Halloween costume that fans can wear beyond the holiday. Already available online, prices range from $19 for a pin pack to $155 for a cozy shearling jacket. Check out the cartoonish campaign ahead, and then browse through the entire collection.

The Campaign
Lazy Oaf

The Campaign