Meadow Walker's Cutout Dress at the F9 Premiere Deserves to Be Seen From the Back

Meadow Walker made a memorable appearance at the F9 premiere on June 18. The 22-year-old model showed up in tribute to her father, late actor Paul Walker, who was a staple member of the Fast and Furious franchise until he died in 2013. For the red carpet, Meadow chose a classy and sleek gown from Yves Saint Laurent that fit the film's color scheme perfectly. The form-fitting dress featured hourglass cutouts around Meadow's waist, highlighted by a darling white bow in the center. The cutouts and neckline are framed by black jewel detailing, elevating the design even further.

Although Meadow only gave one glimpse of her dress on the red carpet, actor Louis Thornton-Allan took a snapshot of the back for Instagram — the design becomes even more daring when she turns around. She paired the gorgeous gown with sparkling Tiffany's jewelry, plus some patent black pumps, to really seal the look together. Get a closer look at her full ensemble, ahead.