The Best Style Subscription Box to Build Your Wardrobe From the Bottom Up

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Looking to elevate your style? It's as easy as investing in quality basics, starting from the bottom up. I'll admit, I was an underwear skeptic — in the tradition of designer Tom Ford, I didn't use to wear underwear. I liked not wearing underwear; I liked the sensuality of it, how natural it feels. But really, I didn't know the difference quality makes down there, so I didn't care to try anything outside of shrink-wrapped 2(X)IST multipacks.

Then came Underwear Expert, a luxe men's online retailer and subscription-based box service. Here's how it works: subscribe ($26 for one pair, $48 for two pairs, or $70 for three pairs), and score top designer men's underwear in every cut, color, and fabric, delivered to your doorstep at a fraction of its retail value.

What's cool is designing your box is as involved as you want it to be. Buy a men's underwear subscription, and you'll have the chance to fill out a style profile, essentially tailoring your own box with preferred brands, styles, and sizes. Give a subscription as a gift, and it's gift giving at its most foolproof: what comes in the mail after your special someone fills out their style profile is still a surprise (wrapped in a sleek, matte black box).

What I've learned from this und-xperiment? Underwear might not be necessary, but the right pair can be foundational for just about anything you want to do, from ramping up your workouts to revving up your sex life. After all, a power suit starts with a power pair of underwear. And, if you're lucky, a hot date might end in losing 'em.

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