Oh My Prada — Mindy Kaling's Color-Coordinated Shoe Closet Is Like a Full-Size Boutique

In the same way we can't get enough of Selena Gomez's cozy songwriting nook or Kim Kardashian's supermarket-quality pantry, Mindy Kaling's color-coordinated shoe closet is a marvel to behold. We first caught a glimpse of the Rebecca Bloomwood-level closet in Mindy's Instagram post on March 10. "Not sure I can pull these off but they are so fun," Kaling captioned the post, showing off a new pair of eco-friendly Curic & Curic jeans decked out in a detailed floral print down her right leg. "Heck yes you can Queen!" one follower commented, echoing the sentiments of several others. Yes, Mindy's new leggings do look stylish, but we only have eyes for the shelves upon shelves of accessories all around her.

Lined from floor to ceiling with an assortment of fashion treasures, the walk-in closet is basically a mini boutique, so let the window shopping begin:

  • In the upper lefthand corner of Mindy's wall of shoes, you'll see a shelf that we imagine is dedicated to heels for award shows, cocktail parties, premieres, and more in black, silver, and gold.
  • The second half of Mindy's wall of shoes features a rainbow of heels in all shades, including green, teal, aqua, turquoise, coral, fuschia, beige, and scarlet. No wonder she has so many cute style moments on Instagram.
  • Oh, and we can't forget the many prints she has on display in her library of shoes, including leopard print, rhinestone, checkered, cheetah print, glitter, and more.
  • If you direct your eyes toward the top center of the photo, you'll also see a separate wall of shoes peeking out behind Mindy's head. While we can't see much more than a single gold heel, we can see the wall to the right of the photo, which seems to have another row of shelves dedicated to heels for all occasions!
  • At the center of Mindy's wall of accessories is a section filled with coats of all styles, including a cozy teddy bear coat and a herringbone jacket that we wouldn't mind trying on for ourselves.
  • Did we mention the cute rainbow chevron carpeting that ties the whole room together?
  • Finally, the rest of the wall to Mindy's right is reserved exclusively for purses big, small, patterned, textured, and more. So her purse-shoe accessory combos are pretty much endless, and we would very much like to take a full virtual tour someday soon.

Mindy has proven on many occasions that she knows how to create head-to-toe style moment out of any pair of shoes, so we know these heels are in great (and incredibly stylish) hands. If this gorgeous glimpse into Mindy's closet has you itching to reach for your credit card, shop cute flats and colorful sneakers to add to your personal shoe collection here.