I Challenged Myself to Ditch My Skinny Jeans, and Old Navy Came Through With These $45 Pants

POPSUGAR Photography | Chanel Vargas
POPSUGAR Photography | Chanel Vargas
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Call me old-fashioned, but I'm a skinny jeans girl at heart, so the variety in my denim collection is lacking, to say the least. When the skinny jeans debate broke out on social media, it was easy to pick a side, but I've since given into temptation and (hesitantly) purchased my first pair of wide-leg jeans since middle school. To ease myself into the trend, I went with this pair of Extra High-Waisted Medium-Wash Cut-Off Wide-Leg Jeans ($45) from Old Navy. High-waisted pants are my best friend, so I figured they'd balance out the fear I had about tumbling down the sidewalk because of all the extra fabric around my ankles. After wearing them for a week, the verdict is in, and I'm only a little bit mad that I love them.

When I first slid into the jeans, I was skeptical. The excess fabric around my ankles did make me feel like a toddler that had wandered into the big kids' section, but then I added a pair of heeled boots that gave my 5'4" self a much-needed lift and completely changed the way I saw myself in the pants. The raw hem is clean but casual, and the high waist accentuates my figure in a way that perfectly complements the flare at the bottom of the jeans. (Frequent shopper note: Old Navy's pants tend to fit larger than expected, in my experience, but these are true to size!)

Personally, I'm already obsessed with tucking oversize shirts into these and calling it a day. But styled with the right pair of shoes and a nice blouse, I could even see these working for dressier events. You'll sooner see me leaving the house in nothing but Lady Gaga's Valentino cape dress than a pair of low-rise jeans, but I will definitely be browsing beyond the skinny jeans section from now on. Shop the jeans here!