Old Navy Is Now Offering All Styles in a Full Range of Sizes — With No Price Differences

Attention, fashion-lovers of all sizes! Starting today, Old Navy is unveiling a brand-new integrated shopping experience online and in stores — just in time for fall. With the BODEQUALITY initiative, the brand promises to offer all styles in all sizes at the exact same price. Plus, Old Navy has obsessively devoted itself to perfecting size and fit. Now, you can shop for jeans, activewear, or anything else your heart desires without worrying about dropping extra cash or laboring over what size to order.

In an open letter to women everywhere, the brand declared: "It's time to do the thing we always needed to do and completely revolutionize the shopping experience."

Old Navy

So what exactly does this fashion revolution entail? Old Navy turned its focus to creating a more comfortable and consistent fit, even going so far as to enlist the help of a renowned researcher to conduct 389 3D body scans of real women and then putting their updated sizes to the test through numerous live model fittings.

You'll notice some much-needed changes to streamline the fit of products for ultimate comfort (and chicness). Tops have adjusted sleeve openings so bras don't peek through, and they've adjusted the back rise, pitch, and curvature of jeans to eliminate that pesky waistband gap. Basically, you can count on sizing to be consistent across products. That means no more guessing your size and being disappointed when you get your package in the mail.

Beyond the physical changes to products, the entire shopping process has been revamped to provide a totally democratic experience. Say goodbye to separate sections and separate prices; Old Navy is doing away with designated plus sections in stores and instead putting all sizes 0-28 on one rack, with size 30 available online. Each store will also receive new mannequins in sizes 12 and 18. Online, a toggle feature on each product page allows you to see the piece on a size four, size 12, or size 18 model.

Shopping for clothing can be stressful at times, but it doesn't have to be, thanks to Old Navy's BODEQUALITY efforts. Employees have been trained in inclusive language to promote comfort and confidence while shopping. With this new initiative, Old Navy proves its commitment to striving to be a place where every woman can feel like she belongs.