I Never Wore Ripped Jeans Until Peloton's Emma Lovewell Launched Her Size-Less Denim

POPSUGAR Photography | Sarah Wasilak
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There I was, sitting in my desk chair taking the SmartFit Quiz for Emma Lovewell's new size-less denim collection with fashion tech company Sene. But I might as well have been sitting on my Peloton bike, about to press "start" on one of Emma's toughest rides — that's how apprehensive I was. Why the doubt? Well, firstly, these jeans were supposed to magically fit my body to a T when they arrived on my doorstep, based upon my answers to a few questions that didn't ask me to divulge my usual size or utilize any measuring tape.

"I always thought getting custom clothing would be out of reach, unavailable, or too expensive."

As a short person with athletic legs, I almost always have to have my pants altered or tweak them myself because they're tight in some places and loose in others. (I know I'm not the only one who finds issues with the standard sizing system.) But I also don't typically love the way ripped jeans or anything in a light wash look on my figure. These two qualities make up Emma's entire range because she's a big fan of '90s trends (if she's one of your favorite Peloton instructors, you probably know this and frequently sign on for her weekly '90s themed class). I also hadn't worn a pair of boyfriend jeans since middle school, and yet, out of all six styles available, the baggy silhouette was the one that appealed to me most. Intrigued by the science behind Sene x Emma and how awesome Emma looks in the jeans, I went for it and processed my order.

Two weeks later, the most comfortable, perfectly fitting pair of jeans I have ever worn in my life were all mine. Seriously, these feel more luxurious than some sweatpants I own, and I swear on #TeamLovewell I'm not exaggerating. They come to a stop at my ankle, allowing for a shoe moment beneath the hemline, and they're roomy but not saggy; light and distressed but structured enough that I don't feel like they're pulling taut and emphasizing every single line of my body.

But how did Emma, lifestyle and wellness extraordinaire and empowering Peloton athlete, come to master the task of constructing such impeccable denim? The former fashion fit model knew Sene cofounders Ray Li and Mark Zheng were the people to help her get the job done because, as a team, they value quality fabrics, representation, and a production system that minimizes waste. By making one-of-a-kind pieces, the company doesn't cater to the masses, and Sene's Japanese mill recycles its dye water for environmental purposes — Emma even told me it's clean enough to drink.


Emma Lovewell wears her favorite style from the collection, the Sene x Emma Air Slim Straight Jeans ($149).

"This is not about fitting into a box, this is about expressing yourself no matter how you feel."

Emma's particularly passionate about the inclusivity aspect of the partnership. "In our society, we are made to think there are ideal sizes. Many brands only carry certain sizes, so if you don't fit within that range, you might feel bad about yourself. And even if you fit within these specific sizes, depending on the brand, the clothes still may not fit you correctly. Sene is able to eliminate any size discrimination from the equation. I always thought getting custom clothing would be out of reach, unavailable, or too expensive. Sene's jeans are bridging that gap. No matter what your body looks like, you can get clothing that fits you just right," she said. Sene does indeed allow for an unlimited number of returns and exchanges to improve and modify fit if necessary with free shipping and returns.

Just like me, Emma shops in every section of a store and believes all clothing should be gender-neutral. "When you take the SmartFit Quiz, you get jeans in any style that fit you — whether that is skinny jeans, mom jeans, or straight leg, you can get the style for your body, no matter how you identify. This is not about fitting into a box, this is about expressing yourself no matter how you feel," she explained, confirming that her own pick is the slim straight-leg cut, which she styles with a polo sweater and boots.


Me in my Sene x Emma Air Loose Straight Jeans ($149).

I have worn my jeans twice so far and style them pretty simply with an athletic tank and boots or heels, since the denim itself is so comfy and I also don't want to distract too much from the rips at the knees, which are definitely growing on me. I guess you can say Emma has the chops to make waves in the fashion world, too.

"I see a lot of brands prioritizing comfort, and I do really appreciate that — items that still look cute and fashionable, but that you can also wear for multiple hours doing multiple activities," she said when I asked her what she'd like to see more of from the industry. "And honestly, we just need more pockets," she continued. "Whoever is making womenswear without pockets is missing the mark. We, the people, have stuff, and sometimes I just want to put my phone in my pocket." I couldn't agree with her more, and I'll tell you what — the pockets on her jeans get the job done.