Selena Gomez's Urban Outfitters Shopping Outfit Takes Us Back to the '90s

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Remember those weekends back in middle school when you'd be bored of walking around the mall and want to relocate to the local Urban Outfitters? (Lucky for you if yours was in the mall!) So, you'd call your mom, begging her to pick up you and all of your friends and drop you off at Urban — and that's when you'd probably buy something. Maybe not two armloads full of goodies like Selena Gomez, but you'd definitely get at least one skater dress. Is the nostalgia kicking in yet? Because I felt it the moment I saw Selena Gomez in sweats and a distressed, oversize Sublime tee exiting her local Urban in LA. "That's exactly what I used to wear on a weekend UO spree," I mused. "That outfit was my jam!"

Selena's cozy-grunge look feels very '90s, finished with chunky black boots and a scrunchie tied up in her hair. She wore Malibu sweats with a tapered ankle to better show off her shoes, and let her baggy shirt swing behind her. Surprise, surprise — Selena's tee is actually from Urban Outfitters and rings in at $39. Does that not make this outfit even more flawless? In order to salute middle school weekends of yore, I'm now going shopping for the ultra lived-in tee and will style it promptly in such a laid-back fashion, just like Selena. Keep reading to join me.

Selena Gomez Shopping at Urban Outfitters in a Sublime Tee and Sweatpants
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Selena Gomez Shopping at Urban Outfitters in a Sublime Tee and Sweatpants