My New Pajamas Are the Perfect Whimsical Antidote to the Reality That Is 2020

POPSUGAR Photography | Natasha Marsh
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My new pajamas give me hope for the remainder of 2020. Directly after purchasing them, a hairstylist responded and agreed to my plea to put box braids in my hair, the Lakers finally won a game, and Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate. Could 2020 be saved? I'm starting to think so.

When lounging around the house, you can usually find me in yoga pants and PJs. Recently, I've really gotten into matching sets. I've been loving Eberjey when I want to seem like I have it all together, and I'll opt for my Aerie set when I want something more playful and easy. I thought I had all the pajamas for every mood I was feeling, but a quick glance at Sleeper's Party Pajama Set With Feathers in blue convinced me I was wrong, very wrong.

The peaceful, powdery, cloud-like blue makes me feel like my dreams and hopes are still alive. My dream of Donald Trump being voted out of office, a world with no racism, no virus, a world where women are compensated properly, and personal dreams like owning a yacht and becoming a novelist. The feathers transport me to a cabaret or Great Gatsby scene where I'm gliding around the dance floor as the star of the show. They are the perfect hint of drama — the good kind, of course.

I know it may still seem like 2020 is a wash, but my pajamas beg to differ. One wear in these majestic garments and you'll be singing a new tune, too.

POPSUGAR Photography | Natasha Marsh

It's always a great start to the day in my feathery pajamas.

POPSUGAR Photography | Lilian Marsh

I like to drink my tea outside, and my new pajamas bring a whole new meaning to "breakfast, but make it fashion."

POPSUGAR Photography | Natasha Marsh

Sweet dreams.