An Investigation Into Taylor Swift's "J" Necklace — and Whether She's Still Wearing It

Taylor Swift's "J" necklace has become an iconic symbol of her relationship with Joe Alwyn, who she has reportedly split from. However, her first appearance out to dinner since the separation rumors brought about a new outfit consisting of butterfly jeans with a potential hidden meaning and — could it be? — a necklace that looks an awful lot like that Tiffany & Co. silver initial pendant. Fans are speculating across the internet about whether or not she's sporting the notorious piece, with some comparing the size of the clasps and color of the metal, and others purely celebrating, choosing to believe this is confirmation from Swift that the duo are still going strong. Swift and Alwyn's reps have yet to comment on the news, so her recent outing is truly all Swifties have to analyze. However, the question remains: are they just trying to make Easter eggs out of a regular old chain?

Swift and Alwyn have been pretty private about their six-year partnership, although the 33-year-old songstress does reference the engraved necklace in her song "Call It What You Want" with the lyrics, "I want to wear his initial/On a chain round my neck/chain round my neck/Not because he owns me/But 'cause he really knows me." Since she first debuted the jewelry publicly on Instagram in 2017, she's worn the versatile design with practically everything, from a bridesmaid dress at a friend's wedding to an athleisure look for hiking with Alwyn in Malibu, CA.

Until we receive further updates, look back at some of Swift's posts in the "J" necklace everybody's talking about.

Taylor Swift Wearing Her "J" Necklace in November 2018

Taylor Swift Wearing Her "J" Necklace in July 2018

Taylor Swift Wearing Her "J" Necklace in November 2017