13 TikTok Style Hacks That Will Make You See Your Closet in a New Light

TikTok has a gold mine of fashion and style hacks you'll live by, if you know how to search for them. I swear, I'm never again shrugging off an outfit I bought because "I just don't like the fit" — at least not without doing my research. One (very long) browse through hashtags like #tiktokfashion and #stylehacks, and my life was forever changed.

I own sweaters that I absolutely love, but they've got sleeves that drag across the table at restaurants and almost always dip into the side of sauce I ordered. I'm forever trying to figure out how to wear my SO's jeans that are oversize on me, and most of the time I end up frustrated, tucking them back onto the shelf because a standard belt just won't work. I've also tried to twist up and knot my vintage band tees to no avail — there's just not enough fabric! — but I promise you there's an answer to every single one of these conundrums ahead. "Babe," I called out to my SO after clicking through a handful of tricks (most of which are set to feel-good, pump-up music that will make you want to play dress-up for a solid hour), "these people on TikTok are wondrous! And I'm so wearing your jeans later."


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