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Why TENCEL™ Fabric Is Ideal For Summer Travel

We've partnered with TENCEL™ to bring a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort to your summer wardrobe.

Opening the weather app and immediately stressing over what to wear is a struggle we're all familiar with. Throw in travel plans to an unfamiliar climate and suddenly it's like a style puzzle we can't hack. Believe it or not, your next fashion dilemma can be easily addressed with one key element: fabric choice. Prepare to never utter the words "What do I wear?" again.

If you haven't heard of TENCEL™, it's time to get familiar, because it's the smart and sustainable solution to all-climate dressing. TENCEL™-branded fibers, including Lyocell and Modal, are responsibly produced from sustainable wood sources coming from sustainably managed forests, and incorporated into clothes from brands we all know and love. Eco-friendly factor aside, it's the comfort benefits of TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers specifically, like the enhanced breathability and cool and dry feel, that make them so ideal to wear no matter where you're traveling or what the temperature is.

So whether you're heading to the desert or staycationing in a humid city, we've put together the ultimate cheat sheet for TENCEL™ fiber made pieces you should wear to stay dry and comfortable. This is one revolutionary fiber you'll want in your closet this summer.