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Tone Your Booty With This 10-Minute Ankle-Weight Routine

Get ready to tone your glutes with fitness trainer Albina Katsman during this 10-minute workout. You'll work on lunge knee pull-ins, leg extensions, hamstring curls, hip lifts, and more in this quick and effective routine. If you want to bump up the intensity, grab a pair of ankle weights to turn up the heat.

POPSUGAR Premium Yoga Mat

This nonslip, textured mat gives you the ideal amount of support and stability — not just for yoga, but for all your favorite workouts. It's made of latex-free PVC, and it comes with a bonus string sling that makes it easy to roll up and take wherever you go.

POPSUGAR Wrist/Ankle Weights

Wearable weights add a light load to your toning and sculpting moves. Slip these on your wrists for walking or rows or on your ankles when doing leg lifts. Each soft, anti-chafe neoprene weight in the set is two pounds.

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Find more on-demand workouts from Katsman at BodyByBina.

Katsman's Outfit: Splits59

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