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20-Minute Stationary Bike Workout With Playlist

A Tough 20-Minute Bike Workout on Days When Time Is Short

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You might not have a full hour available for an indoor-cycling class, but there's no reason you can't get a great workout with this often-overlooked machine. When there's a line out the door for ellipticals and treadmills at lunch, there always tends to be a few bikes wide open and ready to go. This workout comes with its own fun playlist to keep things feeling fresh, so those 20 minutes fly by. Up the ante and challenge yourself by sprinting every time each song's chorus plays.

Song Resistance RPM* RPE**
"Talk Dirty" — Jason Derulo, featuring 2 Chainz Low 50 to 60 Three to four
"Battleflag" — Lo Fidelity Allstars Medium 70 to 90 Six to eight
"Dark Horse" — Katy Perry Medium to high 60 to 70 Five to seven
"Drop It Low" — Ester Dean, featuring Chris Brown Medium 80 to 90 Six to eight
"Drunk in Love" — Beyoncé Medium to low 50 to 60 Three to six

*RPM = Revolutions per minute (explanation here)
**RPE = Rate of perceived exertion (explanation here)

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