Watching Olympic Athletes' Family and Friends See Them Win Has Our Eyes Watering — Again

With the Tokyo Olympics having come to a close before the Paralympic Games start in a couple weeks, it's time to look back at some of our favorite medal-winning moments through the eyes of the Olympians' family and friends. While they couldn't be in Tokyo due to COVID-19 restrictions, family and friends still cheered to send love to their beloved Olympians in recorded videos we couldn't stop watching. Whether they were high-diving, speeding on the track, or wrestling with opponents from the other side of the world, the athletes' loved ones stood by any screen they could find to cheer on their loved one.

Ahead are 10 moments from athletes' biggest fans around the globe that brought that thrilling sense of Olympic joy to our editors.

Team USA Gymnast Suni Lee's Family and Friends' Roaring Reaction

Watching Suni Lee's family and friends react to Lee winning gold in the women's gymnastics individual all-around is an instant dopamine booster.

Team Great Britain Diver Tom Daley's Son Cheering on His 'Papa'

You'll want to chant "Go Papa go!" with Tom Daley's son while you re-watch Daley's synchronized dive.

Team Great Britain Diver Tom Daley's Family Shouting with Glee

Once Daley's son took a break from cheering, his husband Dustin Lance Black made sure to pick up where Daley's son left off by screaming at the top of his lungs when Daley won gold in men's synchronized diving.

US Swimmer Lydia Jacoby's High School Classmates Explosively Cheer

You might want to turn your volume down watching Lydia Jacoby's energetic classmates celebrate her women's 100m breaststroke win. Their explosive cheers nearly rattle the building!

Team Egypt Wrestler Feryal Abdelaziz's Family Wishes They Could Be With Her

Feryal Abdelaziz's family couldn't decide whether to sit or stand to send support to Abdelaziz as she won gold in women's 61kg kumite karate.

US Wrestler Gable Stevenson Family and Friends Jumping With Joy

Gable Stevenson's family and friends were punching the air with excitement as Stevenson won gold in men's freestyle 125kg wrestling.

Team China Gymnast Guan Chenchen's Family and Friends Waved Flags While Cheering

Guan Chenchen's women's gymnastics balance beam win had her family so excited that they were cutting the tension with their flags just before she stuck the landing.

US Track and Fielder Courtney Frerichs's Family & Friends Fill Local Bar to Cheer

Courtney Frerichs's family and friends whistled from their local bar to cheer Frerichs all the way to her silver medal win in the women's 3000m steeplechase.

US Track and Fielder Athing Mu's Family and Friends Cheer Her Historic Win

While winning a gold medal for Team USA for the first time in 53 years in the women's 800m final, Athing Mu's family and friends sent cheers through the TV all the way to Tokyo.

Great Britain Swimmer Tom Dean's Family and Friends Gathered Outdoors to Cheer His Win

Tom Dean's family and friends probably woke all of their neighbors with their joyful screams as Dean won gold in the men's 200m freestyle.