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Affordable Activewear From Target

15 Fitness Items That'll Inspire You To Never Skip a Workout

Whether your fitness goals are big, small, or somewhere in between, the right gear can help you achieve them. We've partnered with Target to share fitness items you'll feel great wearing, using, and accessorizing with — no matter how you choose to move.

Finding the time and motivation to work up a sweat is much easier said than done. Some days, a last-minute meeting hijacks your only window of freedom. Others, you're eight episodes deep in a binge-watching session and just can't manage to drag yourself off the couch. Things happen, priorities shift: we've all been there. Thankfully, we found just what you need to get up and at 'em!

No motivational mantras to see here, folks. This time, it's all about equipping yourself with activewear staples that'll help you feel on top of your game. Whether it's a set of resistance bands you can use at any level, a blender bottle perfect for taking protein beverages on the go, or C9 Champion activewear that will support and move with you through every activity, these items have your back.

And did we mention the best part yet? They're all available at Target — and you can easily shop them below! Keep scrolling to see these must-have items in our virtual C9 Champion pop-up shop. Then, hit the gym, the pavement, or the court to get moving in whatever way feels right.