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The Best Workout Apps

POPSUGAR / paid for by / C9 Champion® at Target

Working out is so much more fun when you have something motivational to listen to. That's why we partnered with C9 Champion® at Target to highlight the best fitness apps available.

No one likes exercising alone, but thanks to the large number of smartphone apps available, we never have to. From tracking tools that charge you for skipping out on a sweat session to game-like programs designed to make you feel as though you are being chased by zombies, here are six fun fitness and nutritional apps you'll want to download right now.

  • POPSUGAR Active (free, iOS and Android): This app comes loaded with fun video exercises that you can do anywhere, like butt-toning yoga and effective treadmill workouts.
  • Yoga Stretch ($1, iOS): Don't feel like attending class but want to work on your Vinyasa pose? This app comes with an audio instructor that will make you feel as though you're right in the middle of a yoga studio.
  • Map My Run (free, iOS and Android): Use this to track every point of your run, including pace and calories burned, or discover new jogging trails altogether by seeing what routes other users are going on. 
  • Pact (free): This is the ultimate tool if you want to stay on track of your fitness routine and hold yourself accountable. Set your fitness or nutritional goals ahead of time, and wager money against them. If you hit your goals, you'll get an incentive. Likewise, if you skip a workout, you'll get docked. 
  • Zombies, Run (free, iOS and Android): You'll be transported to a postapocalyptic world where zombies chase you around the city as you race to collect necessities like medicine and weapons. You'll be surprised how fast you move.
  • GoSwim (free, iOS and Android): Summer is officially here, which makes it a great time to incorporate swimming into your routine. Not sure how to get started? This app will provide you with all sorts of training and tips to improve your strokes and time.

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