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BuzzFeed "I'm Fat, but I'm Not . . . " Video

Watch 5 Overweight People Complete the Sentence: "I'm Fat, but I'm Not . . . "

Whether we like it or not, society has a lot of feelings about overweight people. Take, for example, the recent drama surrounding Nicole Arbour's "Dear Fat People" video, which contained hurtful stereotypes about obese people. To address these types of harmful ideas about others, BuzzFeed found five self-proclaimed fat folks to complete the sentence, "I'm fat, but I'm not . . . " on camera. Ranging from "I'm fat, but I eat less than my skinny male friends — metabolism's a b*tch," to "I'm fat, and I look good naked," their enlightening responses will make you smile. Banish all your pesky, preconceived notions about overweight people and press play!

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