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Calories in Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino

Watching Your Calories? Add the Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino to Your Naughty List

The month of December is purely dedicated to holiday preparation. With all the tree-decorating, ugly-sweater-wearing, and carol-singing moments, it should come as no surprise that Starbucks jumped in on the holiday fun with the release of the new Christmas Tree Frappuccino. But before you spit out your almond-based eggnog for this delightful holiday drink, we're here to present you with the nutrition facts.

The drink is unquestionably pretty, and we're all about indulging during the holidays, but if you're watching your sugar intake, the Christmas Tree Frappuccino might be on your naughty list. The frozen Winter drink starts with a Peppermint Mocha Crème Frappuccino base and is topped with matcha whipped cream, caramel drizzle, candied cranberries, and a festive strawberry tree topper. A grande Christmas Tree Frappuccino made with whole milk has 420 calories and 50 grams of sugar.

But don't write it off just yet! While the drink is only available from Dec. 7 through Dec. 11, a Starbucks spokesperson has clued in POPSUGAR on some ways to customize the festive drink for the calorie-conscious caffeine fiends out there.

"[By] asking for fewer pumps of syrup, selecting from a variety of milks (almond, coconut, nonfat, or soy milk!), and asking for a little less whipped cream," the spokesperson shared. "For example, a tall (12 oz.) Christmas Tree Frappuccino made with either nonfat milk, coconut milk, or almond milk, and no whipped cream, contains 120 calories." That is, if you're willing to sacrifice the drool-worthy green matcha whipped cream!

For some context, the colorful Unicorn Frappuccino clocked in at 410 calories (for a grande with whipped cream), and the Zombie Frappuccino oozing with pink brains was 430 calories. We've got to hand it to those genius baristas for only making the Christmas Tree Frappuccino available for a short period of time, which gives us plenty of opportunities to indulge and squeeze in these quick morning workouts before the full holiday madness ensues.

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