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Family Fitness Essentials for Healthy Living

7 Fitness Essentials That Will Jumpstart Healthy Living For Your Entire Family

We've partnered with Kohl's to showcase easy and fun ways to stay active as a family.

Even if all members of your family aren't fitness fanatics, it's super easy to get everyone moving while spending quality (and fun!) time together. Carve out some time to head to your local park to play a game of frisbee or touch football, or transform your home into an epic obstacle course using everyday items (hello, stacked books high jump). However you get your crew working up a sweat, it's important to remember to take moments for self-care as well. Recovery is just as important as activity, whether it's in the form of foam rolling while listening to your favorite podcast or eating clean in between workouts.

Ready to get up and go? Kohl's has you covered when it comes to all things family-focused wellness — here's everything you need to make sure the entire family is living their best healthy lives.


One of the most fun and rewarding aspects of working out in any form is seeing results. Whether it's new definition in your arms or just feeling more energized and clear headed, the moment you start noticing the benefits of your hard work is priceless. A fitness tracker is an easy way to start reaching those goals and get insight into how your body is changing. You can track all your activity in one place and even get reminders and motivational tidbits to keep you on track. Get one for yourself and your partner and make a game out of comparing stats.

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We all know that activewear can make or break your workout, from too-tight shoes that pinch while you're out on a hike to a sports bra that chafes in all the wrong places while you're in down dog. Make sure to choose gear — both for yourself and your kids — wisely so that everyone is comfortable while out and about. Order a few outfits from Kohl's, then do a little test run just around the house to get a feel for how the clothes move with you — because there's nothing worse than a family excursion derailed by uncomfortable kids or parents.

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Ok, ok — we know that clean eating isn't always the most practical, especially for working parents. Sometimes you just need to order a dang pizza. However, cooking healthy meals for you and your family doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. When you have the right kitchen gear and a few simple recipes, it can be a breeze, and — dare we say — fun! Invest in a couple key items like a pressure cooker, blender, and spiralizer, and then look up recipes that incorporate each (feel free to add "10 ingredients or less" to your Google search). Get your kids involved by coming up with riffs on the ingredients during weekend downtime — who knows, you might create the next viral recipe sensation.

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"Workout" doesn't have to mean lifting weights at the gym or going on a five-mile run. Anything you do to get your heart pumping and your muscles working counts. With that in mind, think of ways to turn your workout into something that involves the entire family. Do your kids love to swim? Head to the nearest watering hole or pool and have a lighthearted race. Are you guys more of a nature-loving group? Pick a trail to hike — just don't forget to bring a picnic or snacks. For the low-key fam, take a walk together around your local park. And for the days when a workout really does mean a workout, enlist your partner to get in on the action with you. Go on a run together, head to a yoga class you both love, or just drive to the gym together and then embark on your own fitness routine. Remember: you can always just have your kid sit on your back while you do push-ups.


Up the ante on your family time by switching up the routine and finding new places to explore. Discover a new trail you've never hiked before; chart out a new route for a family jog; rent kayaks and get out on the water. Get the kids involved by having them look up places they'd like to go or come up with new activities they want to try. The key to family fun: never be boring!


When the day of fun is done, make sure to give your body the care it needs to recover. Find your preferred foam roller intensity from Kohl's, or grab a yoga block and strap and stretch it out — it's a great way to teach your kids the importance of honoring what your body needs to stay healthy. Have everyone put on a face mask while stretching for good measure.


If you're reading this — drink some water! It's so important to stay hydrated, not just while you're working up a sweat. Find a water bottle that you take with you wherever you go and make sure to refill it often.

Want to shop for more wellness items? Head to Kohl's to find everything you need to outfit the entire family!

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