It's been almost one year since I made the lifestyle change that made me lose almost 30 pounds: since I made the conscious decision that something needed to be done about my weight and my happiness, and joined Weight Watchers.

For almost my entire life, I've heard about Weight Watchers and a lot of its success stories. I saw Miranda go to meetings on Sex and the City. I've seen Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson, and, now, Oprah drop an immense amount of weight on the program. I even had friends who had great experiences. But how were they doing it? How did the program that worked for so many people actually work?

I pondered these questions time and time again before finally taking the plunge in July 2017 and joining Weight Watchers, where I learned all about its point system. Under the program, every member is given a specific number of points they can consume per day based on their height, weight, and weight goal, and every food is assigned a Weight Watchers point based on its nutritional value (not just calories, which is very important when you think about how many calories foods like avocados, nuts, and even quinoa pack).

By following your point allowance, you are controlling your portions while still giving your body nutrients, ultimately resulting in weight loss. It sounds simple, but there's so much more to Weight Watchers. Keep reading for just six reasons I love it.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim