How Much Does an LA Fitness Membership Cost? Here's How Pricing Works

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If you're looking to upgrade your gym membership, LA Fitness is a compelling option. The Southern California-based chain is designed like a standard gym with tons of equipment and popular workout classes, giving you some of that high-end feel without the ultra-luxury pricing you see from clubs like Equinox and Life Time Fitness. Membership costs are fairly comprehensive, especially since they aren't dependent on location. However, fees and dues can quickly add up and make LA Fitness pricing seem a little more complicated than it really is. To help you figure out how much an LA Fitness membership costs, we took a closer look at the pricing to see how much you're really paying (dues and initiation fees included).

The good news is that, no matter how much you pay monthly, each LA Fitness membership comes with a long list of amenities. The exact perks may vary depending on location, but most clubs include racquetball and squash courts, group fitness classes, cycle classes, whirlpool spa, and brand access to LA Fitness, Esporta, and City Sports. Some locations, like Scottsdale, AZ also have basketball courts, an indoor pool, and a sauna. Read on to find out exactly how much an LA Fitness Membership costs, and whether or not the amenities are worth the price tag.

How Much Does an LA Fitness Membership Cost?

There are no long-term contracts at LA Fitness, which means you must choose from one of two monthly rates. You can either select a lower monthly rate with an initiation fee, or a higher monthly rate without an initiation fee. As one Redditor explained (although using slightly outdated monthly rates) it takes about nine months for the membership with an initiation fee to become less expensive than the membership without an initiation fee. If you plan on staying at LA Fitness for less than nine months, it may be wiser to opt out of the initiation fee. To get a better sense of what your specific pricing will look like, you can build your own membership here, schedule a tour, or discuss in more detail with an LA Fitness rep near you. Here's a more detailed look at what you're paying for in each membership option:

LA Fitness Membership (With Initiation Fee) ($35 Monthly) for multi-club, single-state access

  • Initiation Fee: $75
  • First Month Dues: $35
  • Last Month Dues: $35
  • Total Initial Payment: $145 — This total initial payment is separate from the first month's payment ($35) as well as the annual fee billed two weeks later and every year thereafter ($60).

LA Fitness Membership (Without Initiation Fee) ($45 Monthly)

  • First Month Dues: $45
  • Last Month Dues: $45
  • Total Initial Payment: $90
  • Although this membership does not have an initiation fee, the $60 annual fee will be billed two weeks later (and every year thereafter).

Additional Fees

To take your membership to the next level, you can add amenities like towels for $5 and guest passes ($25 for two guests per visit, and $20 for one guest per visit). Each member is billed separately for any additional amenities they choose. Members get access to childcare via the "kids klub," and can use their online portal to sign up for basketball, racquetball, and volleyball leagues and tournaments online. Members can also reserve Pilates workouts, or book personal training sessions (which are available for an additional charge — ask your LA Fitness about their specific rates). As previously mentioned, LA Fitness pricing is generally the same wherever you go, but if you want to try out a club before committing, you can opt for a three day guest pass free of charge.

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