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New Workout Classes Fall 2018

Trend Alert! Here’s What to Wear For Fall’s Hottest Workout Classes

The right gear can turn a good workout into a great one. We've partnered with HOKA ONE ONE to share the fitness essentials you'll need for this Fall's most buzzworthy new classes, including lightweight, versatile sneakers.

Your fitness routine called, and it's ready for a seasonal shakeup. This Fall, while the kids go back to school and the stylish crowd scopes out new trends at Fashion Week runways around the world, give your body its own change of pace by trying some new workout classes.

Feel like you've already exhausted the options in your normal rotation? No worries. We found three up-and-coming alternatives that go beyond your average barre, Spin, or cross-training class. As an added bonus, we're also sharing key wardrobe pieces that'll support you through each one in perfect style — like lightweight, cushioned sneakers from HOKA ONE ONE. So grab your gear, get on your feet, and book yourself a spot in one (or all three!) of these exhilarating options before everyone else realizes just how good they are.

Join the Resistance


Gone are the days when workout bands were a random piece of equipment you had stuffed in the back of a drawer. Today, they've been completely reimagined in the form of TRX suspension bands (sturdy hanging straps that add an extra challenge to bodyweight floor exercises) and bungee cords. What hasn't changed about band workouts is that they can take shape in a variety of ways and — more importantly — environments. Yes, you can still grab your brightly-colored resistance bands to test your muscle strength in front of the TV. But now, you can find TRX bands at most gyms or in boutique classes, plus new resistance band exercises incorporated into classic barre and pilates moves.

Up for the challenge? Before you get started, there's one piece of fitness gear you'll definitely want to have on hand: lightweight sneakers. Whether you're doing TRX mountain climbers (our personal favorite) or a combination of leg lifts, the last thing you want is heavy, clunky sneakers weighing you down and getting in the way. As for the rest of your look, be prepared to work up a serious sweat! Breathable, moisture-wicking leggings and a breezy tank you can easily tie into a crop top are two more essential pieces.

Train Like a Pro


Want to train like the best without the early morning wakeup calls and ultra restrictive diets? Grab a bosu ball, a weighted club, and a water bottle (seriously, you'll need it) to discover innovative ways to move and sweat. Equinox members can get in on the action by signing up for the luxe fitness club's new True Athlete class — a combination of rapid fire drills that test and improve your range of motion, coordination, and overall agility. It's the ultimate fusion of cardio and strength training using equipment that'll make you feel like a total warrior.

Here, high performance is the name of the game — so the secret to suiting up lies in the fabrics you choose. On top, a cooling mesh tank will do the trick, keeping you covered without feeling overheated. And on the bottom, a pair of darkly-colored, quick-drying leggings will keep you cool and comfortable without showing any signs of sweat. Slip on your favorite performance sneakers to complete your outfit trifecta.

Dance in the Dark


What if we said there was a workout that didn't feel like a workout at all? There is, and it's called 305 Fitness. Somewhat of a unicorn of the fitness world, this 55-minute black lit cardio dance party strikes that perfect balance between high intensity conditioning and having a total blast. Inspired by Miami nightlife, a live DJ spins in every class — but don't let that fool you, it's still one of the most physically demanding workouts you'll try this Fall. Complete with interval training, dedicated arm and core work, and more, you'll feel the burn for days. Even if there's no 305 in your locale, just start a dance party of your own. All it takes is a good playlist, the right mindset, and some moves.

Dance is all about self expression, so your outfit options for this class are truly endless. What we will say, however, is that a good sports bra can go a long way when you're doing so much jumping, twisting, and twirling. If you're the more bold type, take a nod from the studio's Miami theme and show up for class in an energy-boosting neon ensemble. But if your style is more minimalist, you may prefer to go the ballerina-inspired route by sporting subdued tones. Finally, your dancing shoes are a pair of breathable sneakers that provide support without any unnecessary weight or rigid structure.

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