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Swarovski Crystal S'well Bottles

These New Swarovski Crystal S'well Bottles Are Prettier Than Me, and I'm Not Even Mad

Swarovski Crystal S'well Bottles
Image Source: Courtesy of S'well

It looks like Swarovski is slowly but surely finding its way into unexpected terrain: the gym. Earlier this year, the popular crystal brand starred in a surprising collaboration with Nike, which yielded two pairs of bedazzled sneakers so shiny, we practically had to squint while looking at them. And now Swarovski is back at it with another partnership, this time with S'well, the company behind the popular reusable water bottles.

To ring in the holiday season, S'well is releasing two limited-edition collections that feature its signature 17-ounce reusable bottles covered in dazzling Swarovski crystals. The Radiance Collection includes bottles with a satiny, translucent finish and caps embellished with more than 500 hand-applied crystals; each bottle from this collection will retail at $150. The Brilliance Collection, on the other hand, is a bit more over the top, featuring bottles that are completely covered with more than 6,000 crystals and ring up at $1,500 each. Yes, you read that correctly — 6,000 crystals . . . on a water bottle that costs more than $1,000. These things are more glamorous than I'll ever be, and honestly, I'm totally OK with it.

Now, before you go shaking your head at how unnecessarily excessive these blinged-out bottles are, there's a charitable effort behind the whole collaboration. The net profits from the inaugural collection will support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which aims to prevent and cure breast cancer; Swarovski Waterschool, which teaches kids and families about sustainable development; and (RED), which supports the fight against AIDS. S'well will be donating 20 percent of net profits from the Radiance bottles and 100 percent of net profits from the Brilliance bottles to support these three charitable partners. That certainly makes dropping $1,500 on a water bottle a whole lot more acceptable, right?

So when exactly can you get your hands on these glorious bottles that'll make you shine bright like a diamond at the gym? One of the Brilliance bottles — which is completely covered in bright-pink Swarovski crystals — was already released for purchase on Oct. 1 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On Nov. 1, S'well will be rolling out six bottles from both the Radiance and Brilliance collection on and through select retailers. The Swarovski x S'well partnership wraps up in December with the release of the final two bottles — a scarlet-colored one from Radiance and a ruby-colored one from Brilliance — on the first of the month.

We can't sit here and pretend that these water bottles wouldn't leave a serious dent in our wallets, but we can certainly agree that they're easy on the eyes and cater to an obsession with all things sparkly. Plus, they're for a great cause, so we just might start cutting back on a few Starbucks lattes each week to save up for one of them. In the meantime, read on to admire the bedazzled bottles in both collections.

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