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Vegan Before-and-After Weight Loss | Instagram

Since Going Vegan 1 Year Ago, You Won't Believe These Before-and-After Photos

Very fitting for #transformationtuesday . So. Today is the day. Exactly one year ago today is when I decided to go vegan. At first, it wasn't really because of the animals. I was just doing what my good friend and trainer was telling me to do. No, not because Im not smart or letting someone have "control" over my life, (eyeroll), but because as a good friend.....I TRUSTED HIM. Not until I watched the documentary Earthlings. That is what changed my entire view on factory farming and how we humans are just awful. The way these animals are abused and treated I just couldn't help support that anymore. Within the first month, I noticed right away how amazing I felt. I did NOT go into this looking for an aesthetic change (although, that is a bonus). The before pic on the left is either the day or day after I started. Quite honestly, I was happy in my skin then. Sure, I was fluffier, but I was happy. Self love and changing your mindset makes a HUGE difference. I also didn't give a damn about a scale number. I am 5'7. I believe I was roughly around 190-195. Yeah I carried it well. Today, I am between 150-155. I think that's my "sweet/happy" spot. Hell, I actually wanted to STOP dropping weight at 170. The best part is I wasn't even trying to lose weight. I have been eating roughly 500-600 grams of carbs a day.....2600-3200 calories a day. Yes for the entire year. I eat good food and NEVER deprive myself. But now.....I do it being cruelty free. I will be first to admit, I haven't been perfect. Sushi dates I ate shrimp and seafood. But with so many vegan options, that got easier to give up. I'm not trying to change anyone's minds on how they eat or what they do. You do you. I do me. But here is what I learned after going vegan: 1) I did NOT suffer from protein or nutrient deficiency 2) I'm still strong af 3) I'm happier and body still changing 4) i can still nourish my body and feel great being cruelty free 5) every damn day is a "cheat day". Thank you all for being apart of my journey. I'm far from dine. Let's see where 2 years will bring me, yeah? Live life, love yourself, and kick ass everyone! Xoxo!

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Many people have found great health benefits, including weight loss, from going vegetarian or vegan, and these before-and-after photos of Jee Nee just might inspire you to try it out. After going vegan one year ago, she's lost about 40 pounds, even though she "was happy in my skin then" and "didn't give a damn about a scale number," she says. "Hell, I actually wanted to STOP dropping weight at 170. The best part is I wasn't even trying to lose weight."

Ditching meat, dairy, eggs, and honey can open up a whole new world of healthy foods, and many vegans find that eating more fruits, veggies, and whole grains makes you feel more satisfied and energetic, and the weight loss is just an added bonus.

There's no need to jump into a vegan diet 100 percent if you're not ready. Try eating vegan once a day, or maybe even once a week. Here are some recipes and cooking tips for inspiration:

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