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Who Is WNBA Player Candice Dupree?

The WNBA's Candice Dupree Is a Mom With Superpowers

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Consistency. That's what Indiana Fever star Candice Dupree brings to the basketball court. She's not flashy, but she gets the job done and has the stat sheet to prove it. Candice holds the record for most two-point field goals in league history. More than 2,280, if you're counting.

Candice brings that calm determination to life outside basketball, too. And she needs it. Along with her wife and former teammate, DeWanna Bonner, Candice is mom to twins, Cali and Demi, who turned one this Summer. After meeting as teammates on the Phoenix Mercury back in 2010, Candice and DeWanna fell in love. Seven years later, they got married and then decided to have children.


What they didn't realize was that in addition to becoming an example of love for their own family, they would also inspire others. Shortly after DeWanna gave birth to the twins last year, a doctor came back into the room to have a moment. "She poked her head in and thanked us just for being who we are and for not worrying about what other people think," Candice recounted. Turned out, the doctor had a wife and kids, too. "She told us we were an inspiration. It was pretty cool."

According to Candice, the couple didn't set out to be role models for LGBTQ parents. "We're pretty private people for the most part," she said. "We don't hide anything, but we don't put ourselves out there. We just live our lives." Just like with basketball, in life Candice focuses on the fundamentals — and amazing things happen.


Candice took off the 2017 international season to care for her children and to give DeWanna a chance to get back in shape. "I definitely missed playing," Candice admitted. "But the best part was spending time with my kids. And my body needed a rest as well. Going year after year for the last 12 years takes its toll."

During that time, Candice realized that her no-fuss approach to raising kids was similar to the way she played basketball. "My parenting style is the same as my game. Super laid back," Candice said. "She's going to have to be the disciplinarian. When they cry, I have a soft spot." This season, both moms have returned to their WNBA careers, with DeWanna in Phoenix and Candice in Indiana. No doubt fans in Indiana are happy to have the six-time WNBA All-Star back on the court.


Growing up, life prepared Candice for the many responsibilities she has today. She's a twin, and spent time traveling the world as a kid — thanks to her mom's military career. As a kid, Candice and her two sisters lived in Germany, Florida, and Wyoming. Through this, Candice learned the importance of structure, flexibility, and discipline. "I never get too high with the highs or too low with the lows," she said. And it pays off in her career today, "I keep my head down and keep to myself. It's not flashy. But I'm effective, I'm efficient, and I just get the job done." A 2014 WNBA Championship and two gold medals prove her point.

Candice said she wants little girls to think, "Wow, I can be her one day." The truth is, she's already inspiring women of all ages.