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Can This Tea Really Help Prevent Hangovers? We're Willing to Try Anything

A post shared by Your Tea (@yourtea) on

When it comes to curing brutal hangovers, the surefire cures are no longer limited to greasy breakfast sandwiches and sunglasses. Thankfully, there are now plenty of healthier remedies out there, from hangover-prevention vitamins to charcoal detox drinks and even tea.

From the trendy brand Your Tea comes Hangover Tea ($25). Consisting of oolong tea, chamomile, dandelion, and more, Hangover Tea is meant to be drank on a regular basis so that your body can protect itself from the effects of alcohol if and when you do have one too many. The tea reportedly hydrates the body, alleviate headaches, and calms digestion, among other things.

Based on reviews online, it might actually work. Though the tea isn't a cure-all remedy, it definitely seems to help. One reviewer wrote, "Whether I drink a little or a lot, I get the worst hangovers! Now I drink two cups of tea the morning after and it helps eliminate my hangover," adding, "It doesn't make it go away, just helps me feel better and to get through my day!"

If you're prone to hangovers or bad headaches after a night out, Hangover Tea might be what you need to get through all those holiday parties in the coming months.

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