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The Best Moments in Women's Sports From the 2010s

World Cup Wins, Olympic Gold, and Simone Biles: 16 Iconic Women's Sports Moments From the 2010s

The Best Moments in Women's Sports From the 2010s

For all of us who love women's sports, the 2010s were quite the decade. Records were broken and historical victories were clinched, and not all of them on the field of play. Over the past few years, a wave of female athletes have begun pushing for equal pay, for the flexibility to have children without losing sponsorship money, and for freedom from damaging body expectations and harmful coaching practices. The world is paying close attention to women's sports and the athletes are backing up their off-the-field activism with performances that will go down in history.

We took on the challenge of narrowing down every incredible game, match, event, and competition to the 16 most iconic, based on their impact on women's sports, on sports more generally, and on their staying power in our collective imagination. Take a look, let us know which ones we missed, and get excited: in our professional opinion, the 2020s are going to be even better.

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