"Ready, Set, Go": President-Elect Biden Receives Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine on Live TV

Joe Biden has officially received both doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine after getting his second shot at ChristianaCare's Christiana Hospital in Newark, DE, on Jan. 18. The president-elect received the first dose three weeks earlier on Dec. 21, as is required for the Pfizer vaccine. (Dr. Jill Biden also received her first dose that day.) Both events were broadcast on live TV in an effort to "instill confidence in the vaccine's safety and efficacy," according to incoming White House press secretary Jen Psaki. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will also receive her second dose in public after getting the first shot of the Moderna vaccine on Dec. 29.

"My number one priority is getting the vaccine into people's arms, like we just did today, as rapidly as we can," Biden told the press afterward. He briefly talked about his goals for vaccine distribution and encouraged Americans to continue wearing a mask and social distancing. "I'm doing this to demonstrate that people should be prepared when it's available to take the vaccine," Biden said after receiving his first dose. "There's nothing to worry about."

Biden is among a group of national leaders receiving their vaccines publicly; along with Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Mike Pence, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have all shared their vaccine experience with the public. The hope is that the publicity will encourage more Americans to get the vaccine when available.

Before leaving the hospital after his first dose, Biden restated that the vaccine is still in early stages of distribution and that patience and continued precautions will be needed as it is rolled out. "It's worth stating that this is just the beginning," he said. "It's going to take time." Watch Biden receive both doses ahead.

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Biden Receives Second Dose of Vaccine

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Biden Receives First Dose of Vaccine