Chlöe Celebrates Her Stretch Marks in Unedited Lingerie Selfies

Chlöe delivered a lesson in self-love with the latest selfies she posted on Instagram on April 5. The post featured photos of the "Have Mercy" singer posing in front of the bathroom mirror in a sheer lingerie set trimmed with lace. "I love my stretch marks," she captioned a photo of her torso and legs on her Instagram Stories. While many people — celebrities and fans alike — often go to great lengths to conceal stretch marks and other physical blemishes, Chlöe's decision to celebrate her body in its entirety was a refreshing reminder that all parts of our bodies are beautiful.

"I love my stretch marks."

In her solo single "Treat Me," Chlöe sings, "Treat me like I treat me / Love me like I love me, completely and deeply." That sentiment fully came through in her post, earning encouraging words from fans in the comments section. "So pretty!!" Halle Bailey wrote. Anitta added, "My sis hot af." Keeping her comment simple, Ice Spice chimed in to say, "hot."

In a December 2021 interview on "Peace of Mind with Taraji," Chlöe opened up about her body confidence journey, explaining that she has learned to appreciate her body more. "[A]s I've gotten older, I've learned to really appreciate my curves. . . anytime I have a photoshoot I'm like, 'No don't airbrush the stretch marks,' cuz I like 'em," she said.

Chlöe's brief but significant comment is an important reminder that all bodies are painted with unique imperfections. These marks are worth celebrating regardless of the narrative influencers push on social media, and expressions of self-love are crucial to ensuring we care for ourselves "completely and deeply."

Ahead, see the rest of Chlöe's unedited selfies.

Chlöe Bailey Celebrates Stretch Marks in Lingerie Selfies
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Chlöe Bailey Celebrates Stretch Marks in Lingerie Selfies