If Chocolate Is an Essential Part of Your Healthy Diet, You'll Love These 25 Memes

Cake, cookies, brownies, ice cream, candy bars — you don't discriminate. You'll eat chocolate in any form, at any time of day (chocolate for breakfast, did you say?) because it's essential to your well-being. If you enjoy a little taste of chocolate every day, and you have a major obsession with all things chocolate-covered, grab a few handfuls of chocolate chips, and read through these memes that support your love of chocolate.

It could use chocolate chip croutons.

They're ALL good!

Chocolate is happiness in bar form.

BRB, heading straight to the desserts.

It's some powerful sh*t.

Is that too much to ask?

A girl can dream.

Chocolate solves all my problems.

Sorry, I'm not sharing.


It's a special kind of happiness.

Chocolate is essential.

And I'm eating all the happiness I can get!

Chocolate is the cure.

Eeeeeeee! It's all mine!

I'm very selective.

Sad? Chocolate. Nervous? Chocolate. Happy? CHOCOLATE!

Because I ate it all up.

I better start eating!

Great advice from your future self.

Quitting is NOT an option when there's chocolate involved.

It gets me, you know?