This Instagram Workout Featuring Chow Chows Proves Everything Is Better With Dogs

If you're looking for some variation in your at-home workouts, we have an easy solution for you: tap your furry friends to help you out. Meet Churro and Toffee, two adorable chow chow brothers who double as personal trainers and lovable, supportive pets. On Tuesday, the owner posted this full-body circuit workout featuring a series of classic moves with a twist, like planks with "chow head taps" and sumo squats with a chow.

In the video, you can see Churro and Toffee giving high fives in between push-ups and lying patiently while their owner holds a strong plank. Whether you need a substitute for free weights or simply enjoy watching dogs being their sweet selves, check out Churro and Toffee's full workout above and revel in their cuteness.