This Pre-Moisturizer Skin-Care Step Could Help You Fend Off Winter Dryness

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A rich, cream-based moisturizer may be the first product you think to grab when it comes to preventing winter dryness, and that makes sense. As the name implies, this product is literally designed to replenish and support the skin's moisture levels. While moisturizer may be your dry skin MVP, it's not the only player that can help out with the issue.

Toner can actually be of assistance in this department, too.

Toners can offer a wide variety of services to your skin, and depending on the formula, that can include giving the skin a boost of needed moisture. If you usually struggle with dryness during the winter season, whether that be from cold temps or dry indoor air, your best bet may be choosing a nondrying toner that's specifically formulated with gentle yet ultra-hydrating ingredients and offers a calming effect.

One example of a product that fits these specifications is the recently launched e.l.f. Cosmetics's Pure Skin Toner ($9). It's a part of the brand's new dermatologist-developed, sensitive-skin-friendly collection. The nonirritating and nondrying Pure Skin Toner ($9) features allantoin and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, aloe and oat milk to calm and soothe, and niacinamide to provide antioxidant benefits to skin. Another benefit, particularly for those with sensitive skin, is that the formulation is also free of fragrance.

So where should a toner fall in your skin-care routine? Generally, toners are meant to be applied after cleansing but before moisturizing — so smack dab in the middle. Your moisturizer can also help seal in the hydration that your hydrating toner provided.

They can also be applied by using your (clean!) hands or a cotton pad. Either way, you'll want to gently glide the product over the surface of your skin.

After the product has been absorbed into your skin and depending on your skin type, you can then apply your moisturizer. Toners tend to have a very thin, water-like or milky consistency, so this usually doesn't take so long.