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Energy-Boosting Tips From Alex Silver-Fagan

No Caffeine, No Problem: This Fitness Instructor Has Some Seriously Smart Tips For Staying Energized Without It

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Movement is a huge part of Alex Silver-Fagan's daily routine. The Nike Master Trainer and fitness instructor usually spends her days training private clients and teaching live yoga, cardio, and strength-training classes on the MIRROR — not to mention completing her own personal workouts.

Of course, that was Alex’s prepandemic routine. These days, she’s staying home instead of training her clients in person. She’s also not walking the five or so miles she normally logs just by getting from appointment to appointment in New York City. “Without this constant movement, I’ve had to take a few more breaks throughout the day to clear my head and regain energy,” Alex said.

While it's not ideal, staying home has given Alex some extra time to hone in on what she needs to feel like her best, thriving self. Here’s how she keeps her energy levels up all day long — without reaching for a second or third cup of coffee.


First and foremost, Alex makes an effort to stay active throughout the day — even if she’s not leaving her apartment. “When I’m feeling a little lethargic, it’s usually because I haven’t been moving,” Alex said. “Moving your body is a guaranteed way to increase your energy levels.”

When she’s feeling a little blah, Alex usually takes a short walk around the block or completes a quick energy-boosting circuit. Her usual circuit goes like this: First, she folds forward into a walkout five times. Alex follows the walkouts up with 30 seconds of jumping jacks, and repeats those moves three to four times until she's feeling more awake. Making sure she gets in a daily kettlebell workout or yoga flow is also key to feeling her best.

The food you eat also plays a role, so if you’re feeling sluggish, Alex said a healthy snack can work wonders. Prioritize healthy sources of complex carbohydrates, like fruits and vegetables. Alex loves apple slices paired with cheese, or a banana with a piece of dark chocolate on the side.

Alex also takes Alive!® Women's Energy Tablets daily. “The tablets are amazing for supporting my body’s already existing energy metabolism,” she said.* “The B vitamins help convert food to [cellular] energy!*”

Of course, the simplest way to keep your energy up is not letting your body get run down in the first place. Alex said she’s using the extra time at home as an opportunity to check in with herself. Every morning, she makes a gratitude list to remind herself to practice positivity. She also spends some time just sitting with her thoughts before setting an intention for the day. “Choose to remain calm throughout the day, and whatever comes at you will be much easier to manage,” Alex said.

If you're looking for a gummy vitamin, Alex also recommends Alive! Premium Women’s Gummy Multivitamins to ensure you're getting the vitamins and minerals you need to feel your best.* “Even if you eat a well-rounded diet, you may be missing some crucial vitamins and minerals that your body needs,” Alex said. “It’s an awesome way to check all the boxes.”

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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